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GNUe Community

Get Involved! - how to get involved in the many aspects of the GNUe project.
Mailing Lists - details of the several GNUe mailing lists.
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) - where the GNUe developers hang out.
GNUe Traffic - weekly summary of traffic on the mailing lists and IRC.
Sponsors - organisations that have contributed resources to the project.
Contributors - people who have contributed to the development of GNUe Enterprise.
Copyright Assignment - a brief explanation of GNUe's copyright assignment policy.
History - a brief outline of how we got here.
CVS - - ways to access the GNU Enterprise source code.
Project Managment - our own DCL server for internal management of the GNUe project.
Bug Tracking - how to report and track bugs.
Community Documentation - Documentation on the GNUe tools and packages aimed at developers, including a growing collection of installation HOW-TOs.
Technical Notes - A mirror of the technical notes kept in CVS.

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