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Because finance and accounting are the heart of every business, GNUe Finanicals is the heart of GNU Enterprise. With it, you can manage your cash, pay your bills, invoice your customers, allocate budgets, manage your assets and analyze your costs.


Accounts Payable has the major functions of maintaining the Vendor Master, paying suppliers on time while taking advantage of payment discounts, processing memos and adjustments, avoiding duplicate payments and avoiding bank overdrafts. You can enter invoices if they have been mailed or faxed to you. Invoices can also be created by GNU Enterprise from a Purchase Order. You can generate payments in the form of paper checks/cheques or via electronic funds transfers (EFT).

In addition to dealing with suppliers, Accounts Payable handles reimbursing employee expenses.

For maximum benefit, Accounts Payables should be tightly integrated withPurchasing and Cash Management. Purchase orders in Purchasing give rise to invoices in Accounts Payables, and invoices will give rise to payments which will show as bank statement entries in Cash Management. They all form a workflow which is part of the larger Supply Chain Management workflow.


Accounts Receivable has the major functions of maintaining the CustomerMaster, receiving payments from customers, processing memos and adjustments, generating statements and collecting past due accounts. Invoices are transferred from Order Entry. Payments can come in the form of paper checks/cheques or via electronic funds transfers.

Each Customer Master has the total outstanding receivables as well as the maximum allowable receivable. These two fields are used to control thegranting of credit.


Cash Management forecasts future cash requirements by examining Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Purchasing data as well as forecasted income and investments. It also reconciles bank accounts.


The Fixed Assets manages the depreciation on any assets with a lifetime of more than one year. You can maintain multiple books of depreciation to suit both statutory and business depreciation schedules. The system maintains a description of the asset, its location, the purchase price (and date), the depreciation method and the accumulated depreciation. Assets can be divided into categories.


Just as GNUe Financials is the heart of GNU Enterprise, General Ledger is the heart of GNUe Financials. It collects data from other sub-systems and maintains a central repository of transactions. Every event that has a financial impact is ultimately reflected in the General Ledger.


The Allocations function takes the balances of a series of user-designatedGeneral Ledger accounts and distributes them on a percentage basis to other user-designated accounts. You can use this to allocate General & Administrative expenses to product lines or profit centers.

The Recurring Transaction function stores commonly entered transactions and enters them into the General Ledger data on command from the user. Any transaction which is so generated can also be automatically reversed.


Budgeting allows you to develop forecasts for your business, controlexpenditures and monitor your actual performance on a period by periodbasis. (note this might move into the forecasting package)


Costing allows you to analyze your costs as a basic for developing a selling price and to investigate variances between standard costs and actual costs. (note this might move into the forecasting package)


Financial Statements allows you to generate financial statements for asingle legal entity. In future, they will allow you to generate consolidatedfinancial statements. Financial Statements will be an extension of GNUe Reports which allows for easy generatation of custom reports against data in the General Ledger.


Proposals have been written. No work yet done on implementation.

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