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Documentation Index

This is a single index of all the documentation for the GNU Enterprise project, which is organised into four sections - Project, Tools, Packages and Community.

Project Documentation

GNU Enterprise: An Introduction for Developers (HTML) (Postscript) (RTF) (PDF)
An overview of the GNU Enterprise project from a developers view. [Last revised: 2002-03-06]

What is Quality? (HTML) (Postscript) (PDF)
An introduction into what quality management should be. [Last revised: 2001-03-04]

GNUe Security Framework (HTML) (Postscript) (PDF) (Text) (RTF)
A draft proposal for a security framework for GNU Enterprise [Last revised: 2002-12-05]

Tools Documentation

GNUe Application Server

GNUE Application Server: White Paper (HTML) (Postscript) (PDF) (dvi) (Text)
Whitepaper discussing the Purpose, Features and Implementation of the GNUe AppServer [Last revised: 2004-02-25]

GNUE Application Server: Application Programmer's Interface (HTML) (Postscript) (PDF) (dvi) (Text)
Technical details of the GNUe AppServer APIs [Last revised: 2004-02-25]

GNUe Forms

GNUE Forms: Technical Reference (HTML) (Postscript) (Text) (PDF)
Design documentation for the GNUE Forms user interface system. This is the most current document and one that application designers want. [Last revised: 2003-08-05]

GNUe Reports

GNUE Reports: Proposal (HTML) (Postscript) (RTF) (PDF)
Reporting server specification proposal. [Last revised: 2001-01-01]

GNUe Common

GNUe Common: Technical Reference (HTML) (Postscript) (Text) (PDF)
Design documentation for the GNUE Common library. Useful for those interested in using the Common library with your own application tools to provide features such as database abstraction and RPC abstraction. [Last revised: 2003-10-17]

GNUe Integrator

GNUe: Integrator Proposal (HTML)
Proposal for Data Integration. [Last revised < 2002-05-01]

GNUe Integrator: DB 2 XML DTD (DTD)
Proposal for DB 2 XML DTD. [Last revised < 2002-05-01]

GNUe Integrator: Scripting Engine Rules (HTML)
Proposal for rules scripting engine commands. [Last revised < 2002-05-01]

Packages Documentation

Package/Module Design

GNU Enterprise: Module Design Proposal (HTML) (RTF)
An overview of modules and tables in GNU Enterprise. [Last revised: 2002-04-13]

Base Package

GNUe Base: Package (HTML) (RTF)
Design documentation for the Base GNUE system. [Last revised ~ 2001]

Financials (Accounting)

GNUe General Ledger Package: Proposal (HTML) (Postscript) (PDF)
Proposal for General Ledger. [Last revised: 2001-04-02]

General Ledger Theory Part I (HTML) (Postscript) (PDF)
An education for Mr. Lazy Accountant. [Last revised: 2001-03-03]

Supply Chain Management

GNUe Supply Chain: Package (HTML) (Postscript) (RTF) (PDF)
Design documentation for the GNUE Supply Chain system. [Last revised: 2000-08-19]

Community Documentation

CVS Install Guide (Red Hat 7.2) (HTML)
CVS & Dependency Step by Step Guide for Red Hat 7.2 [Last revised: 2002-04-05]

0.4.x How-To Guide (SuSE 8.0 and 8.1) (HTML) (Text)
Mini HOW-TO describing how to get GNUe 0.4.x to work with SuSE 8.0/8.1 and PostgreSQL or MySQL. [Last revised: 2003-02-18]

0.5.x How-To Guide (Win32, no installer) (HTML)
Mini HOW-TO describing how to install GNUe 0.5.x on Win32 without a special installer and with PostgreSQL, Firebird or MySQL database drivers. [Last revised: 2003-11-22]

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