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GNUe Developers


James Thompson [ jamest@gnue.org ] (Co-Maintainer)
Manhattan, Kansas (USA).

Derek Neighbors [ derek@gnue.org ] (Co-Maintainer)
Gilbert, Arizona (USA).

Jason Cater [ jcater@gnue.org ]
Memphis, Tennessee (USA).

Reinhard Müller [ reinhard@gnue.org ]
Lustenau, Austria.

Neil Tiffin [ neilt@gnue.org ]
Chicago, Illinois (USA).

Michael Dean [ mdean@users.sourceforge.net ] (DCL Maintainer)

Active Contributors

(People who have been helping the core developers over the past six months or so.)

Jeff Bailey [ jbailey@gnu.org ]
Toronto, Canada.

Daniel Baumann [ chillywilly@gnue.org ]
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin (USA).

Ariel Calò [ calometalli@tiscali.net.it ]
Rome, Italy.

Marcos Dione [ mdione@gruiic.org.ar ]
Córdoba, Argentina.

Aditya Gilra [ aditya_gilra@yahoo.com ]

Mateo Hepp [ mateo@vialibre.org.ar ]
Córdoba, Argentina.

Jan Ischebeck [ jan@jan-ischebeck.de ]
Bonn, Germany.

Stanley Klein [ sklein@cpcug.org ]
Rockville, Maryland (USA).

Arturas Kriukovas [ Arturas.Kriukovas@fmst.vtu.lt ]
Vilnus, Lithuania.

John Lenton [ john@vialibre.org.ar ]
Córdoba, Argentina.

Michael Maluck [ michael.maluck@gmx.de ]

Jens Müller [ jm@enode.de ]

Carlos Charlie Navarro [ charlie@vialibre.org.ar ]
Córdoba, Argentina.

Alejandro Pronotti [ pronotti@vialibre.org.ar ]
Córdoba, Argentina.

Ines Sombra [ pix@drury.edu ]
Córdoba, Argentina.

Bajusz Tamás [ btami@freemail.hu ]

Micah Yoder [ micah@gnue.org ]
Portland, Oregon (USA).

Gontran Zepeda [ gontran@gontran.net ]
Edmonton, Canada.

Previous Contributors

(People whose previous contributions have helped to make GNUe what it is today, but whom we haven't seen around for a while.)

Andrew Murie [ andrewm@gnue.org ]
Christchurch, New Zealand

Andrew Hill [ andru@gnue.org ]
Christchurch, New Zealand

Jade Meskill [ jade@gnue.org ]
Gilbert, Arizona (USA)

Jonas Oberg [ jonas@gnu.org ]
Vasteras, Sweden

Didier Legein [ m00set@gnue.org ]
Gavere, Belgium

Arno Pedusaar [ arno@gnue.org ]
Tallinn, Estonia

Bill Hamilton [ billh@gnue.org ]
Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

Chris Spence [ chris@gnue.or ]
Hartlepool, England

Thierry Michel [ thierry@nekhem.com ]

Eric Bianchi [ eric@nekhem.com ]

Ajitesh Das [ das@gnue.org ]
California (USA)

Louis Charbonneau [ chalou@gnue.org ]

Ian Stewart [ javaguy@gnue.org ]
Ohio (USA)

Luis Manuel Arocha Herna'ndez [ larocha@wanadoo.es ]

Michael Brown [ mbrown@fensystems.co.uk ]
Cambridge, England

Subharata Ghosh [ Unknown ]

Alex Trusov [ Unknown ]

Jachym Simecek [ Unknown ]

If you are not on this list and you think you should be PLEASE email info@gnue.org.

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